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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Mango Beads
Do you know about Happy Mango Beads?  If you don't then you should!  They sell the highest quality handcrafted beads from all around the world.  A majority are fair trade.  They travel to around the world to buy beads and always bring donations--like clothing, shoes, backpacks and more with them for the people who live there.  They've helped families in Nepal, Ghana and Ecuador--check out their story under the Fair Trade heading on their website.

I'm so happy to have found their website and the wonderful beads they sell.  They run regular sales and contests through their website and their facebook page.  In fact, I just won a $25 gift certificate for a review I wrote on a great item I received!  Check them out on facebook:

Here are samples of some of their beads I use, and some new ones I can't wait to try!