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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New to this blogging world!

I'm taking the blogging plunge!

I started making and selling jewelry a few years ago.  My first attempts included little glass bottles that I filled with fair trade coffee.  Now, I knead the coffee into clay or mix it into paint to create a greater variety of things.

Here's one of the first necklaces I made.

Here's an example of what I make now.  Wow!  Quite a difference!
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  1. You blog looks really great and 'Wow', both necklaces are beautiful!

  2. Thanks! It was fun setting it up. Thanks for the positive feedback on my work, I appreciate it!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. It's really fun and people are really nice. How did you get into the coffee thing? Is there a coffee plantation in Arlington Heights? lol
    Both necklaces are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome and nice comments! I starting selling fair trade coffee at my church once a month without really knowing too much about it. Then, I went to a luncheon where the topic was fair trade, and I could not believe how little these farmers are paid for their coffee. The big corps really take advantage. Fair trade means they get a fair, liveable wage for their crops.

    I wish there was a coffee plantation in Arlington Heights! Nothing like a good cup of coffee--fair trade coffee ;)