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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Owl Obsession

The owls are back in full force!!!

I remember my mom wearing these owl necklaces when I was a teenager.  She had a sort of owl collection.  She still has a painting of two owls that her cousin created for her at the time hanging in her dining room.  I also had an aunt who had a bit of an owl obsession.  I can't believe that they are back in style!!!

Well, needless to say, I came across a couple of vintage owls that I updated and have listed in my shop.

The first one has a rhinestone filled caged belly.  I left the actual owl alone and added my own clay filled diamond-shaped bead to keep the focus on him.

 The second one is a larger owl that is segmented into three sections--his head, body and tail to give him some motion.  His gold rhinestone eyes also dangle from jumprings.  Here, I filled his once cut out body and feathery head with metallic gold polymer clay.  Of course a bit of coffee was kneaded and pressed into the clay--fair trade coffee that is!!
Updated Retro Vintage Owl Necklace
I had a real HOOT creating these!  Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

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  1. Love your owls, I have a couple old ones too. That's a great idea.

    Thanks for your comment about the necklace. The Stroppel Cane is really fun. Not sure about the Future thing on raw clay. It works good on baked clay and then baking to set. I added your blog to my blog list, looking forward to more coffee and owls.