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Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday's Finds

Yes, I know it's Monday--had a busy weekend!  Now that I can breathe for a few minutes, I want to share some beautiful items from another fellow Polymer Clay Smoosher.  Meet Desert Wind Designs:


As you can see, by how many images I selected, I absolutely LOVE this work!  I love the texture and natural feel to each of these beautiful pieces.  See, now wasn't that worth the wait?  LOL!  To see more incredible work, visit the store:  Desert Wind Designs  Again, if you'd like to see more from the Polymer Clay Smooshers, just hit the button at the left!


  1. I love her style of work and the colors she uses. ♥

  2. She is always an inspiration!

  3. Her work is so unique, and I love the natural look of it!