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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cooking Light's 12 Healthy Habits

I LOVE Cooking Light magazine!  I get some of the best and most delicious "light" recipes from there!

This year they are doing something called 12 Healthy Habits--one for each month.

In January, we are to:  Eat More Fruits and Vegetables--Add 3 or more servings of fruits and/or vegetables to your diet each day. 

Sometimes, this is easier said than done for me.  I tend to eat the most of my vegetables at dinner.  I'm trying to incorporate fruit into my breakfast (which for me usually is peanut butter on whole wheat--I'm not a lover of breakfast), and may have some fruit or veggies for a snack.  I really need to do this one.  One of my issues is leaving too much time between my meals--making me ravenous when it's time to actually eat.  I can always add a salad to lunch, or just load that sandwich with some crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

How will you add more?

An easy way to incorporate a fruit or veggie into a healthy snack--eat a small banana or apple, or few pieces of celery with a Tbls of peanut butter--can you tell I love the stuff?  Or, eat a few baby carrots or celery with some hummus.  The protein in the peanut butter or hummus will help you stay fuller than just eating the fruit or veggies alone.

Who doesn't love a smoothie?  It's one of easiest ways to get more fruits and veggies (think mild veggies like carrots added to a fruit smoothie)--or make a spicy vegetable smoothie with tomato juice and a dash of Worcestershire, add some plain yogurt and you have a satisfying snack or meal.

This link will take to you the website where it lists all 12 healthy habits.
Cooking Light 12 Healthy Habits
Plus you'll get to see all the other things that Cooking Light has to offer.

Enjoy your fruits and veggies!  I think I'm going to go make a smoothie...

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