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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Studio Walk Through

What does your studio look like?  Here's a few pics of mine.  I'd love some feedback on what you think I'm doing right and what I might improve on--yes, right now I'm very organized in a haphazard sort of way! :)
 My work space is in my family room.  So that puts more pressure on me to keep it neat.  The table that I use is actually a former kitchen island that I made from stock oak cabinets that I screwed together and added a counter top onto. It's nice because it is counter height and I stand when I am working, so I don't have to bend over. It stores and hides things nicely too!
 If only I could do something with all the stuff on top :)
This table is the bottom of a baker's rack from my kitchen. Found the box (top pic) at Home Depot, a friend of mine gave me that great tower in the back.You can see one of my paintings in the back, & I've got to have my tunes when I work!  You can't see it, but my toaster oven is next to the stereo.
I have a couple more storage units--a file cabinet and small dresser on the floor in the back.

Right now it's working for me, but I know I can make it more efficient.  Any advise on how to make it look neater without having to put everything away would be much appreciated!  When I re-organize, I'll re-post.  Until then, happy creating!

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  1. No chance I could say something to that, it IS organized! :-D
    You should see my places (the -s says it all, I think *lol*)